Who are you?

I’m not quite ready to talk about who I am. I’m not currently open about who I am, with a few exceptions. I don’t feel comfortable being myself and still being able to keep my job, and I love my job.

Why don’t you talk about the other things you love/enjoy?

For very much the same reasons as I don’t talk about the rest of my identity, and a lot of my identity is wrapped up in the things i love. Eventually, I will write more about my other passions. I can, however, list some of the things I enjoy.

  • Programming (I especially love working with Python/Django)
  • My family (I have an amazing spouse, and two miraculous kids)
  • Gaming (I suck at video games but I love them. I also love board games and roleplaying games)
  • Toys, especially LEGO and Transformers (The ones based on the originals)